Department of Botany

Best Practices

  1. Departmental students society or association- Botanical Society
  2. Seminar conducted by department for PG students- Seminars are conducted regularly in each semesters
  3. Eminent personality visited to department- Eminent botanist like late Prof. Maheshwari, Prof. Mahabale, Prof. R. Mishra, Prof. K.C. Mehta, Dr K.R. Surange have visited the department. Prof. Dori, Prof. C.A. Ernold, Prof. H.N. Andrew, Prof. Carausen, Prof. T.M. Harris, Dr. Miss . Suzanli, Dr. Matsuoka, Dr. Mayeda, Dr. Cheng Sen Li , Dr. Wang Ku Fei , Prof. Tilak, Prof Agashe
  4. Any research journal run by department- The Botanique (1969)Half yearly Reseach Journal
  5. Project run for social, environmental and educational awareness.
  6. Way of Students counselling. - Guidance for NET exam and other competitive exams, Counselling for students Placement and as and when required.
  7. Management of leaf litter through organic composting.