Department of Botany

Recognized Research Supervisors

  1. No. of research laboratory recognized by university.-03
  2. Intake for Ph.D students.- 08 per guide
  3. No. of working students for Ph.D- 09
  4. No. of Ph.D awarded students in last 3 years-16

List of recognized research supervisor with their areas of research.

SN Name of supervisor Areas of research
1 Dr. R. A. Satpute Cytogenetics , Mutation Breeding
2 Dr. S.A. Kalkar Palynology , Aerobiology,
Phytochemistry and Biological activities,
Phytodiversity, Biotechnology,
3 Dr. P.S. Jakhi Plant Biodiversity, Ethnobotany
4 Dr. S.D. Narkhede Paleobotany, Ecology, Phytochemistry