Department of Physics


Laboratories Three P.G class rooms with capacity of 20 students
Eleven Laboratories (02 UG labs – capacity 60, 07 PG labs capacity 20)
ICT facilities Central Computer LAB with Internet, one Smart room, 01 LCD, 01 OHP, 01 Scanner, Software and 06 Printers
Other facility Staff room : 01, Store : 02, HOD & Coordinator Cabin : 02
Sophisticated instruments Raman Spectrometer, Ultrasonic Interferometer, UV,Visible Spectrophotometer, Grating Spectrograph, Michelson,s Interferometer, Microwave Spectrometer, Constant Deviation Spectrometer, Concave Grating Spectrograph, NMR, Gouy’s Balance, Furnaces(Temperature Controlled), Water Distillation Plant, Vacuum Oven, Pellet Machine(Hydrolic Press), Compressor for Spray Pyrolysis

Physics laboratory is recognized by RTM, Nagpur University for the research purpose, leading to a degree of Ph.D.