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Per Adruva Ad Astra (By steep and toilsome way towards the stars)

An Autonomous Institute

NAAC Reaccredited ‘A’ Grade in 3rd Cycle with CGPA 3.07

Director's Message

Government Institute of Science is an Institute committed to imparting Scientific Education to its students and inculcating in them the quest for unveiling the truth. Science is not only about finding facts. It is about arranging the facts meaningfully and then engaging in logical interpretation of the facts in search of truth. In other words the Institute is committed to develop a scientific attitude amongst its students and other stakeholders. Because the Institute believes that Science provides a progressive, rational, reasonable and universal worldview to its followers. Following Science is like following the life. It is like knowing the causes and effects of all the actions happening in the universe. Science has never confined itself to the geographical or spatial or timely boundaries. It has never demanded particular entitlements from the innovators and inventors. Since time immemorial it has confronted the theoretical issues for practical applications. The Scientists are the real artists who have re-created the biological and mechanical arrangements for the joy of mankind and for reducing the pain, agony and sufferings. Science is a light that illuminates the physical and Para-physical spaces.

     As an Institute it is our responsibility to look around and understand or comprehend the reality about scientific education, research and innovations. Science is not just observation. It is measuring, tabulating, looking for the frequency of any occurrence and then emerging as a torch bearer for upcoming generations of mankind. Science is a light for every dark whole of the universe. It is light of knowledge which is ignited by enquiry.

     The Government Institute of Science is not only concerned about its infrastructural excellence and its resourceful teaching, But It aims at stimulating a quest amongst all its stakeholders, a quest for True Knowledge. As an academic institution our institute is well equipped but more importantly as a scientific Institute it is relevant, contemporary and also futuristic. Therefore I urge you to understand the ethos of our Institute and successfully and effectively play the roles assigned to you and be instrumental in taking the institution forward on its well designed path.

Be positive in life,

Dr. Jairam M. Khobragade

Director, Institute of Science, Nagpur