Department of Chemistry

Recognized Research Supervisors

Sr. No. Name of supervisor Field of Research
1 Dr.VinodKamble Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry
2 Dr. A. R. Raut Coordination and nano chemistry
3 Dr.RashmiBatra Electrochemistry, Environmental Chemistry
4 Dr. D. B. Patil Chemical kinetics
5 Dr. S. H. Ganatra Computational Chemistry, Natural and Medicinal Chemistry
6 Dr. Indira Soni Physical Chemistry
7 Dr. S. S. Deo Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
8 Dr. A. B. Kalambe Polymer, Medicinal, Environmental Chemistry
9 Dr. S. R. Thakare Material Science, Nano Science, Photocatalysis
10 Dr. G. M. Phadnaik Bioactive Heterocycles
11 Dr. S. Z. Jadhao Coordination Chemistry
12 Dr MohmmadIdrees Heterocyclic Synthesis