Department of Statistics

Brief History

The department of Statistics was established in 1955 imparting education both at undergraduate and post graduate level. At present, the department has 06 teaching and 03 nonteaching staff. Department has a research lab which is recognized by RTMNU, Nagpur for doctoral studies. The department also offers career oriented R certificate course. 05 teachers out of 06, have acquired Ph. D. degree and are actively engaged in research through publications and pursuing different research projects funded by UGC and DST. With a team of dedicated staff and enthusiastic students, it is rated as one of the best departments of the Institute of Science.

It is matter of great pride that the Department of Statistics is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee this year .

Vision of the Department

The Department of Statistics is committed to providing a range of opportunities that will prepare the students to make a positive and valuable contribution to the society . The department continues to strive for academic excellence by utilizing both technology and contemporary teaching practices to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Keeping in view the importance of the subject and its wide applicability in all branches of Science, engineering and other applied fields, we have prepared a vision document of our department. This includes

  • Statistical Consultancy:- Our department proposes to provide statistical consultancy to all such researchers within and outside the college.
  • Practicals using Statistical software:-Most of the Statistics related work in various organizations is carried out using Statistical software. Our department aims is to equip the students of our department with all the Statistical tools necessary for carrying out any statistical analysis.
  • Earn while you learn scheme:- We propose to include the post graduate students in the consultancy work wherein they will not only get a chance to work with live data but also get an opportunity to earn some money out of the consultancy fee.
  • Department Industry tie up:- As Statistics is widely applied in all industries, we propose to have a department- industry tie up where students will get a chance to work on some live project and learn to handle data.
  • Faculty Exchange program:- To Update their knowledge and interact with fellow faculty members, we regularly invite experts from other universities to visit our department and share their knowledge with us. Our staff members are also be encouraged to visit and interact with faculty members of other institutions.
  • Other co-curricular activities-- Guest lectures ,student competitions and other co-curricular activities are a regular feature of the department.

Heads of our department
1 Dr. S.S. Shrikhande 1955-1958
2 Shri. K.S. Rao 1958-1960
3 Dr. V.P. Godambe 1960-1963
4 Dr. .A.P. Buche 1963-1966
5 Dr. (Ms) V.S. Hege 1966-1969
6 Shri. A.D. Kategiri 1969-1972
7 Prof. V.K. Joharapurkar 1972-1992
8 Mrs. M.N. Rao 1992-1995
9 Prof. M.N. Deshpande 1995-2004
10 Dr. M.T. Bharambe 2004-2011
11 Prof. K.S. Bhanu 2011-