Department of Chemistry

Major/Minor Research Projects

Sr. No Name of Principle / Co investigator Title of Project Name of funding agency Duration of Project Date of induction Status Completed/ Ongoing
1. Prof.V.T.Kamble(major) Solid supporting reagent for synthesis of biologically active compounds DST 2009-2012 - completed
2. Dr. S. S. Deo(major) Study of synthetically prepared and naturally occurring phytochemicals present in species and to study adultration in them. UGC 2015-2016 - On going
3. Dr. S. H. Ganatra 1)“Studies and Development of Anti-Cancer Drug Design Using Modelling Techniques Based on Artificial Neural Network” UGC 2004-2007 Completed
2)Inhibition Studies of Terpene As Anti-Cancer Agents Using Molecular Modeling Techniques UGC 2013-2015 Ongoing
3)Development of Biodiversity Park under at Fetri Village, Nagpur MOIL 2013-2015 Ongoing
4. Dr. S. R. Thakare(major) Nanomaterials: Solution based Synthesis and application as a catalyst UGC 2011-2014 01 Feb. 2011 Completed
5. Dr.A.R.Raut(minor) 1)Synthesis and characterisation of new reagent for “BRASS” analysis. UGC 2012-2014 Completed
2)Preparation and characterisation of nanochelate by chemical and biological method UGC 2014-2015 Completed
6. Dr. G.M. Phadnaik(minor) Synthesis of new pyrimidine derivatives as a possible antifugicious agents. UGC 2014-2016 - Ongoing
7. Mr. S. U. Patil(minor) Design a new therapeutics for diagnosis of tuberculosis in human being. UGC 2012-2015 - Ongoing