Government of Maharashtra


Per Adruva Ad Astra (By steep and toilsome way towards the stars)

An Autonomous Institute

NAAC Reaccredited ‘A’ Grade in 3rd Cycle with CGPA 3.07

Department of Chemistry

Major/Minor Research Projects

Sr. No Name of Principle / Co investigator Title of Project Name of funding agency Duration of Project Date of induction Status Completed/ Ongoing
1. Prof.V.T.Kamble(major) Solid supporting reagent for synthesis of biologically active compounds DST 2009-2012 - completed
2. Dr. S. S. Deo(major) Study of synthetically prepared and naturally occurring phytochemicals present in species and to study adultration in them. UGC 2015-2016 - On going
3. Dr. S. H. Ganatra 1)“Studies and Development of Anti-Cancer Drug Design Using Modelling Techniques Based on Artificial Neural Network” UGC 2004-2007 Completed
2)Inhibition Studies of Terpene As Anti-Cancer Agents Using Molecular Modeling Techniques UGC 2013-2015 Ongoing
3)Development of Biodiversity Park under at Fetri Village, Nagpur MOIL 2013-2015 Ongoing
4. Dr. S. R. Thakare(major) Nanomaterials: Solution based Synthesis and application as a catalyst UGC 2011-2014 01 Feb. 2011 Completed
5. Dr.A.R.Raut(minor) 1)Synthesis and characterisation of new reagent for “BRASS” analysis. UGC 2012-2014 Completed
2)Preparation and characterisation of nanochelate by chemical and biological method UGC 2014-2015 Completed
6. Dr. G.M. Phadnaik(minor) Synthesis of new pyrimidine derivatives as a possible antifugicious agents. UGC 2014-2016 - Ongoing
7. Mr. S. U. Patil(minor) Design a new therapeutics for diagnosis of tuberculosis in human being. UGC 2012-2015 - Ongoing